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As a Boutique General Contracting Firm with 100+ years of employee experience, JR Certus has developed the skill, expertise, techniques, method and expertise to meet the high demand in the wide range of services that embraces the diverse Southern Ontario construction marketplace with different variety of delivery models ranging from General Contracting, Construction Management, Design-Build and Pre-Construction services.

Our team comprises of skilled professionals who have developed an in-depth understanding of the nature of different projects complexities.

A commonly adapted traditional approach to construction, General Contracting is one of the most popular form of project delivery which we specialise. In this method, site selection, architectural design, engineering services, and project management are contracted out by the Owner to separate parties. The General Contractor performs specified construction services at a fixed price, as agreed well in advance with the Owner. Generally, the risks associated with this model are shared within the owner and the contractor.

We have developed an extensive local knowledge that includes relationship with key local subcontractors, labour forces and suppliers.

Our style of approach has attracted competitive pricing from quality subcontractors and suppliers resulting in superior project deliverables within budget.

JR Certus has developed a strong communication and leadership strategies that has set the standard for project risk mitigation. We provide full range of services including pre-construction, procurement, construction to owner occupancy.

Our team of professional work closely with the Owner’s core team to develop tight and flexible schedules and budget to keep the design plans aligned with the building codes.

We at JR Certus have pioneered the art of maintaining the key five elements for the Construction Management projects namely Time, Quality, Risk, Cost and Flexibility.

The professionals at JR Certus utilize customized software to meet the client’s requirements from the tendering process to project control.

We at JR Certus assemble up with the best architects and consulting teams to take over the Design-Build Projects during the design phase, as we believe this will foster a more successful partnership.

If you are looking for an efficient, cost-controlled, and transparent solutions than JR Certus is the best bet.

Our team addresses the project design and building construction requirements within the budget and scheduled parameters, which ultimately results in less project escalation.

Also, we address time constraints by implementing fast track approach, starting construction before the total design is complete which addresses most efficiently the cost, quality on a reduced schedule.

At JR Certus the top management applies the knowledge of construction services and current market needs to make suggestions, evaluate alternatives, and offer advise to the project team’s. This early collaboration will result in efficiently and safely build the project without affecting it’s functional or aesthetic design.

The benefits you get through our Pre-Construction advice, ai that you significantly reduce the cost by innovative and efficient construction plans, and enhanced schedule control.

Also, the seasoned project managers provide you with

Budget and Cost Development

Project Scheduling

Construction Planning

Value Engineering