Peterborough Operations Center

Peterborough Operations Center

Peterborough, ON

Project Delivery Type

Stipulated Sum

Project Value


Completion Date

March 1, 2019


33,800 ft2


Rienders + Rieder Ltd.


The City of Peterborough

This project consists of 33,800 ft2 of Renovation & Expansion to the Peterborough Operation Centre. It includes construction of a new vehicle service building (two-storey including mezzanine level), material storage bunkers, construction of a Salt & Sand Storage building (single-storey), and renovations to the existing office building. It also includes construction of car parks, landscaping, pavements and interior roads. This project came in over budget following the tender process. Significant value engineering was carried out by JR Certus in cooperation with the City of Peterborough and the Consultants to reduce the project cost by approximately $2 million in order to get the project started. The groundwater level was measured to be between 0.6m to 2.2m below ground surface while excavation depth varied between 1.2m to 1.5m. Temporary sump pits were installed to deal with this issue during construction. Perforated corrugated pipes covered with filter cloth were placed in the ground to create a well where the water could drain to, and gas / electric pumps were used to remove the constant flow of water. While renovating the existing building onsite, JR Certus noticed that some of the structural steel and concrete had deteriorated and existing conditions encountered were compromising the structural integrity of the building. JR Certus promptly implemented temporary shoring to the compromised areas and carried out repairs as directed by the Consultants, in an efficient manner maintaining the critical path of the project schedule.