Milton Hydro Headquarters

Milton Hydro Headquarters

Milton, ON

Project Delivery Type

Stipulated Sum

Project Value


Completion Date

December 2015


41,000 ft2


+VG Architects, The Ventin Group Ltd.


Milton Hydro Distribution Inc.

The project was fairly complex in nature, constructability and schedule, as approximately $4,800,000 of construction work was to be completed from date of issuance of Building Permit, dated September 16, 2015. The project included selective demolition, joist reinforcing, stair modifications and new stair, new structural steel structure and slab-on-deck, new foundations and superstructure for a new atrium tower space, engineered Curtainwall system with floor to ceiling glazing, aluminum composite panel cladding, two new hydraulic elevators, two new stainless steel and glazed guard rail feature stairs, architectural feature walls and moveable aluminum glazed office front partitions.

The newly renovated space, approximately 41,000 ft2 was completely renovated to receive new floor finishes. The mechanical and electrical systems underwent heavy renovations with the implementation of a geothermal field was implemented, complete with approximately thirty-nine (39) new heat pumps and a new Energy Recovery Ventilator to distribute air and condition the renovated space.

Milton Hydro had also completed a large amount of site work, warehouse furniture and equipment fit-up, warehouse epoxy flooring, furniture and workstation fit-up for the newly renovated space, all at the same time that JR Certus was completing their scope of work.

The project required multiple trade crews in order to simultaneously work within several areas of the existing facility and compress the overall project schedule. Working within an existing facility, it is not uncommon to come across several unseen conditions. JR Certus advanced planning was able to identify these types of issues with sufficient time for review and coordination into the required construction so as not to affect the overall project.

The project timelines were very aggressive from the tender closing on July 16th to a move-in of mid-December. All parties understood that an extraordinary team effort was required to bring this project to successful completion