What Our Clients Say About Us

“Risk Management and Contingency Management strategies are critical to the success of any complex building project and the JR Cetus Construction have ensured these priorities are not compromised when working with their partners and stakeholders.”
– Raj Sheth, Director, Facilities & Property Management, City of Mississaug
“It is evident that while JR Certus is young as a company, the key personnel have worked for years in the industry and they portray a deep understanding of institutional projects.”
– Doug McIntosh, Director, NEO Architects Inc.
“Based on our experience to date, we would not hesitate to recommend JR Certus Construction Co. Ltd. for pre-qualification or consideration on a variety of building types construction projects but would recommend this team as must, where proposed buildings are striving for beyond standard energy efficiencies.”
– Lubomir Dzamba, President, Standford Haensli Architects Inc.