407 ECGP Maintenance Facility

407 ECGP Maintenance Facility

Pickering, ON

Project Delivery Type

Stipulated Sum

Project Value


Completion Date

November 2015


10,000 ft2


407 East Construction General Partnership


407 East Construction General Partnership

The project consisted of a 10,000 ft2 maintenance facility building, that is framed with conventional structural steel framing, heavy gauge metal stud wall system, metal siding and roof, founded on reinforced concrete foundations. The maintenance facility building was split the west side allocated to offices, boardroom & amenities, and the east side comprised of four maintenance garage bays with a masonry wall separation for two vehicles wash bays. There were major site developments on this 10-acre site, which included a septic system, an underground fire cistern, dry hydrant for emergency firefighting response capabilities, a rainwater cistern, a saltwater retention pond, a freshwater storm retention pond, highway grade asphalt paving and concrete sidewalks.

JR Certus was extremely thorough and cooperative in identifying numerous design issues in the early stages, so that ample time was provided for the Consultant Team to make the necessary changes. These design changes included but not limited to:

  • Addition of entrance frost slabs & associated foundations
  • Resizing, leveling and scaling of structural steel for mechanical roof
  • Upgrade of floor finishes from residential grade to commercial grade
  • Mix design & exposure class of reinforced SOG at garage bays
  • Design & construction of concrete apron pads

In the initial stages of construction, an unexpected site condition was encountered where unstable saturated soils were discovered during earthworks, contrary to the Geotechnical Investigative Report provided. JR Certus immediately identified the issue and all parties worked together, to ensure that additional costs and any impacts to the construction schedule were minimized. JR Certus’ site staff worked directly with the Geotechnical Consultant daily to ensure that all deleterious soils were rapidly removed and stabilized as required, ensuring that the engineered fill mat for the building was prioritized. The foundations for the main maintenance facility building were constructed and backfilled in time to avoid the harsh winter conditions.

JR Certus also fulfilled a significant role in value engineering the project, saving the Client money where possible, diligently working with the Design Consultants to identify and execute cost saving measures. There was an elaborate oversized fire cistern design to store water for firefighting requirements. However, JR Certus worked with the Subconsultants, assisted the Client in retaining a Code Consultant, and corresponded directly with the Mechanical Engineer of Record and the Code Consultant, saving the project over $60,000. Other value engineering measures executed included alternate bollard detailing (savings $7,000), alternate bike storage shelters (savings $2,700), identification and deletion of redundant air barrier in the exterior wall assembly (savings $12,100), revised grading and site servicing plan for the east property line and salt pond discharge (savings $25,300), a sum of over $107,100 in savings (about 2.4% of original contract value).

407 East Construction General Partnership, had also completed a large amount of their own work during construction, where the Brine Plant equipment, the Megadome superstructure, furniture fit-up and heavy equipment move in were coordinated safely and seamlessly, while JR Certus was finishing their scope of work.

There was a late construction start in the later part of November 2014, and at about two thirds into the construction schedule, the 407 ECGP authorized the construction of Building B, which included a sand and salt storage dome covering approximately 19,000 ft2. This building was comprised of a reinforced concrete framed building, integrated with a tented, arched structural steel framed dome, with 10-foot-high above grade concrete walls. The dome at its peak towers over 45 feet above grade. JR Certus was able to bring uniquely fused project to substantial completion in less than 12 months, working directly with the Client, their respective Consultants, multiple Quality Control Inspectors, and elaborate chain of command, ensuring that quality, budget and schedule were maintained at the forefront.