What Our Clients Say About Us

“In closing I would like to state that Stafford Haensli Architects Inc. was asked by numerous Ontario School Boards, to name a contractor of choice for energy efficient buildings. We do not hesitate to say that JR Certus Construction Co. Ltd. is the contractor of our choice for all projects where we strive to achieve new levels of construction diligence, reliability and energy efficiency.
We were very pleased with the effort, organization, and constructive working methodology demonstrated by JR Certus Construction Co. Ltd. in the successful completion of all projects. Having worked on several projects over the past decade with other general contractors, we very much appreciate our constructive collaboration with JR Certus Construction Co. Ltd. on all our projects together.”
– Lubomir Dzamba, President, Standford Haensli Architects Inc.
“Throughout the project, several unexpected issues were encountered. JR Certus worked cooperatively on problem solving, with strong communication and resolution. Unexpected issues included soil conditions, existing sanitary structures, buried un-located Oakville Hydro lines. Each issue was handled with the Project Team with an open book approach, controlling costs and schedule. To the benefit of the project, interference issues were flagged early enough to limit impact on the schedule, and proposed solutions proved to be amicable to all parties involved.”
– Doug McIntosh, Director, NEO Architects Inc.
“Milton Hydro has no reservations recommending JR Certus Construction Co. Ltd. for the construction of new facilities or the renovations of existing buildings. JR Certus Construction always executed a collaborative team approach to the project, always aware of the critical path of the construction schedule. David continuingly prioritized tasks to ensure that schedule impacts were mitigated. Although there was a great amount of work completed in just a short time period, the organization and control of the sub trades was effective and efficient.”
– Frank Lasowski, President & CEO, Milton Hydro
“Despite a late issuance of the building permit, and several key changes made during construction, JR Certus successfully maintained the overall project schedule ad delivered the project on budget.”
– Dennis Vass, General Manager, +VG Architects
“JR Certus fulfilled a role in “Value Engineering” on the project in order to generate savings for the project where possible. As example of cost savings is the redesign of elaborate oversized fire cistern design to store water for firefighting requirements. JR Certus worked with the Sub-Consultants, assisted the 407 ECGP in retaining a code consultant, coordinated directly with the mechanical engineer of record and the code consultant to generate a savings for the project. Other “Value Engineering” options executed by JR Certus include alternate bollard detailing, alternate bike storage shelter, identification and deletion of redundant air barriers in the exterior wall assembly, revised grading and site servicing plan for the property line and salt pond discharge saving 2.4% of original contract value.”
– Eugene Creamers, Design Build Director, 407 East Construction General Partnership
“JR Certus worked with the collaborative team approach as the design on the project was standard commercial design detailing. There were design changes that required quick implementation in order to avoid and mitigate delays to the construction schedule. JR Certus was through and cooperative in identifying and proposing alternate design or product substitution at the early stages of the project. “
– Eugene Creamers, Design Build Director, 407 East Construction General Partnership
“It was a pleasure working with JR Certus team to successfully deliver this project, Enbridge Gas Distribution. From the outset the project was a challenge to all parties involved because of the extremely tight delivery requirements, re-planning “on the go”, and its complex technical requirements. JR Certus team spearheaded the project and managed the trades effectively to ensure that schedule was maintained and the facility was turned over on time.The quality of works is in keeping with the demands of the client and has provided a “state of the art”, LEED adherent, facility for Enbridge to base their Regional Technical Training activities from. I look forward to future opportunities to work with you and your team.”
– David E. Muma, Partner, The Facility Management Group Inc.
“JR Certus had all hands-on deck to ensure the building was opened at the end of summer 2015 and summer 2016. The project required multiple trade crews in order to simultaneously work within the areas of the existing facility. JR Certus helped to ensure that the building turnover at end of summer 2015 was a success. The team worked relentlessly around the clock to ensure the goal was met.”
– Robin Ng, Principal, NGA Architects
“Port Colborne Operations Centre opened in the summer of 2017 and will be the most cost-effective solution to serve the City and the community better, with ongoing operation maintenance for the current and future needs of the City.”
– Ron Hanson, Director, City of Port Colborne
“George Brown College’s Casa Loma Campus Building “C” – B.A.E.C. Phase II Addition; which was completed under the construction management contract model. Joseph Aquino oversaw the entire project as a Project Director and provided guidance to the team; particularly during the design development, sequential tendering and procurement phases.”
– Peter Ng, Associate, KMA Architects Inc.
“The CHCA for George Brown College was a project of complex requirements with an aggressive schedule. It was further complicated by the need to keep the existing facility in operation during construction. Joseph exercised utmost professionalism and trade management; and implemented a well-organized documentation and management system to ensure the project was a success.”
– Peter Ng, Associate, KMA Architects Inc.
“Joseph’s expertise in project cost control and constructability proved valuable to the team in highlighting value engineering options to control the overall project budget. The team’s oversight and input during the planning of sequential tendering provided the stepping stones for the construction to run smoothly towards a successful completion on time and under budget.”
– Peter Ng, Associate, KMA Architects Inc.
“The Town of Ajax was pleased with the quality of work completed on the Ajax Operations Centre which has been well received by staff, and the residents of Ajax.”
– Catherine Bridgeman, Manager, Town of Ajax
“We were genuinely pleased with David Aquino and his work and would not hesitate to recommend them for future endeavours. I understand that David Aquino has recently started JR Certus Construction Co. Ltd., with his brothers Joseph and Matthew Aquino. I would look forward to working with JR Certus Construction Co. Ltd. in the future should the opportunity arise.”
– Claudio Cellucci, Former Associate, IBI Group Architects Inc.
“Through the design and budget stages, there were several rounds of scope changes introduced, however David was able to put forth documentation in a timely fashion to support a continuously updated budget analysis.”
– David Miller, Principal, MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects.