What Our Clients Say About David

“David is a LEED Accredited Professional as recognized by the CaGBC (Canadian Green Building Council), and The Town of Ajax found David to be detailed, thorough and knowledgeable as it related to the Constructor associated credits.”
– Catherine Bridgeman, Manager, Town of Ajax
“The Town of Ajax was pleased with the quality of work completed on the Ajax Operations Centre which has been well received by staff, and the residents of Ajax. The Town of Ajax was would not hesitate to recommend David Aquino for future endeavors.”
– Catherine Bridgeman, Manager, Town of Ajax
“David was able to maintain the project schedule with minimal setbacks and changes in the project schedule, taking into consideration the value added to the project during construction.”
– Stephan Namisniak, VP KNY Architects
“David managed the trades effectively to ensure that schedule was maintained and the facility was turned over on time.”
– David E. Muma, Partner, The Facility Management Group Inc.
“Project Manager, David Aquino, ensured that they adhered to their original construction schedule, submitted with their tender, and delivered the building project for the targeted occupancy date as we prescribed. David Aquino chaired and strategically managed bi-weekly site meetings with the Architect, Client, sub-trades and consultants in attendance, which assisted in assessing the identifying priority items. David’s input knowledge and experience was appreciated during these meetings; when issues arose and needed immediate attention it was provided. It should be noted that, tasks were thoroughly completed to the satisfaction of the consultants.”
– Gino Natale, Natale Architect Inc.
“David’s lead involvement was dedicated, successfully tracking issues, maintaining critical path,and bringing focus to priority concerns.”
– Doug McIntosh, Director, Neo Architects
“David Aquino showed his professionalism and experience in completing all tasks as it related to constructor associated credits, ensuring that all documentation was procured at early stages in the project.”
– Jayne Holmes, Manager, City of Mississauga
“David brought his vast experience and knowledge to the project and consistently strived to achieve the project’s budgetary and design objectives.”
– Jayne Holmes, Manager, City of Mississauga
“David brought his knowledge, experience, integrity and proven track record to our construction project. His willingness to help achieve the goal of the project from budgets to functionality has been a success. The construction schedule and Substantial Completion was met as per the Contract Documents.”
– Bryan Blackert, Manager, York Regional District School Board
“David Aquino was especially helpful in achieving successful solutions to the challenges that occurred on this project. We found him to be conscientious, honest, co-operative and professional in all of our dealings.”
– Bryan Blackert, Manager, York Regional District School Board
“David Aquino brought his considerable school building experience and knowledge to the project and consistently strived to achieve project’s budgetary and design goals. His project management capabilities displayed excellent control over the project and maintain a positive relationship between all trades and the design team”
– Jan H. Ravens, Principal, Allen & Sherriff Architects Inc.
“David provided the leadership roles in the firm’s “Team Approach” and led the overall project team towards a successful completion of this time-sensitive project”
– Dennis Vass, General Manager, +VG Architects
“David’s emphasis on a teamwork approach allowed for client, consultants, subtrades and suppliers to collaborate in a mutually respected environment that focussed on successful completing the project”
– Dennis Vass, General Manager, +VG Architects
“Our main point of contact throughout the course of the project was David Aquino, from JR Certus Construction Co. Ltd., and he has managed this project from start to finish, maintaining a high level of professionalism, quality and control.”
– Frank Lasowski, President & CEO, Milton Hydro.
“If a conflict or problem arose, David ensured that a conclusive decision was brought to the table for all parties to digest in order to move forward in a fashion amicable to all parties involved. He was always kind, honest and helpful and managed his staff to the same effect.”
– Rick Lintack, Lintack Architects Inc.